Inertisation of fly ashes from waste to energy
and biomass plants and dust from steel factories

Dusty waste streams like fly ashes from waste incineration or biomass plants and dust from steel factories have mostly to high values of heavy metals and other elements in order to be deposited directly on landfill. Through a prior treatment of stabilisation or inertisation, harmful elements are inertised in a matrix of cement, slags and other materials, based on a very specific recipe for each waste stream. The definition of that recipe takes 5-6 months including various tests like content of cement and other materials, 64 days eluation and sample pieces built into the landfill in order to simulate various tests like freezing and thawing processes, pressure resistance, permeability and leachability.
These waste streams are typically transported lose in silo trucks or packed up in bigbags.
Waste operation of these materials is usually D9 (Physical-chemical treatment resulting in final compounds or mixtures which are discarded by any of the operations numbered D1 to D12, e.g. evaporation, drying, calcination).


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