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Incineration of liquid and
solid hazardous waste

For liquid and solid hazardous waste streams, SMT Recycling provides environmentally sound solutions in the cement industry and dedicated waste incineration plants….

Production of hazardous
alternative fuels

Reduction of CO2 is a main goal in all industries. Waste is a very valuable resource for substituting conventional fuels like coal or petcoke. By producing these alternative fuels from different waste input streams we contribute to a significant reduction of natural resources….

Inertisation of fly ashes from waste to energy
and biomass plants and dust from steel factories

Dusty waste streams like fly ashes from waste incineration or biomass plants and dust from steel factories have mostly to high values of heavy metals and other elements in order to be deposited directly on landfill….

Recovery of bottom ashes and
slags from waste to energy plants

Bottom ashes and slags from waste to energy plants usually contain a certain percentage of ferrous and non-ferrous metals that can be recovered….

Recovery of sewage sludge

Agricultural utilization of sewage sludge from wastewater treatments plants becomes more difficult due to regulation. Main reasons are harmful contents like heavy metals, organic compounds (pesticides, PCBs, halogen compounds) and human, animal or plant pathogens (hormones, antibiotics)….

Remediation of contaminated soil and industrial sites

Historic industrial sites are often contaminated depending on the former industrial activity. In order to prevent any further damage to human health and the environment, historic industrial sites are remediated or de-contaminated….


SMT Recycling offers its customers a full variety of logistics solutions from Walking Floor and Tipper Trucks for solid waste streams to Silo Trucks for dusty materials like ashes and dust and Tank Trucks for liquid waste streams….

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